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Your Low Standards Are Keeping You Stuck

The uncomfortable truth is when you lower your standards, you lower the bar for everyone and everything around you.

Low Standards Attract Low Standards

What I learned from an alternate, short-lived reality was people with low standards get stuck because they also surround themselves with the same types of people.

Everyone wants to do better….

… but there wasn’t anybody there to help you to do better.

When someone with a different mindset enters the picture, resistance arises. The brain perceives the unfamiliar as a threat, inhibiting personal development.

The ratio favored lower standards. It was definitely a non-growth environment.

When we let low standards slide… everyone syncs up to these low standards.

The truth is that the human mind is weak.

And besides, you can’t help anyone until they are ready to help themselves. Prolonged exposure to such a stifling atmosphere can suffocate your own potential. Breaking free becomes an arduous task.

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

What are Standards?

Standards are rules and behaviour you choose to live by consistently no matter what.

Having and maintaining standards is the key to getting what you want in life.

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

How do you SHOW UP? What time do you wake up? What do you eat? How often do you exercise? How are your relationships? What do you on your free time? Who do you hang out with? What time do you leave the party?

Your standards are your identity.

One of my personal standards is to show up as my best self every single day and try to do better even if it’s just five minutes of personal development per day.

🚲 Choosing to exercise daily is a standard.

🥑 Choosing to eat nutritious foods is a standard.

💕 Choosing to be patient with your partner is a standard.

🧠 Choosing to be accountable for your mind so you don’t become a burden is a standard.

So what’s the problem?

Limiting Beliefs. Paralyzing beliefs.

You don’t believe in yourself so you have low standards. In order to raise your standards, you need to overcome these limiting beliefs. Human potential is limitless.

How To Raise Your Standards

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you ready to take accountability? If not, it’s your choice to talk to a therapist to get help to take you to that level. No one can help you until you’re ready to help yourself.
  • Are you just wasting your own time? I know people who have been ‘stuck’ for years, knowing they should act it but never get to it. It sucks. I’ve seen the tragic outcomes of staying stuck and decided I would never let this happen to me because I have much higher standards.
  • Are you stuck in a victim cycle? Are you subconsciously replaying and amplifying your trauma because you’re addicted to the attention you get from therapy? Do you call others out when they trigger you, yet it’s been years and you haven’t taken proactive action to change?
  • Is your environment set up for success? If not, do something about it. Purge everyone who sucks up to you. Stop looking to surround yourself with people who only validate your opinions and suck up top you. Real friends won’t let their friends be shitty people. We suck at judging ourselves so we should depend on our friends to call us out on our bullshit.
  • How bad do you want it? Do you want to wake up to another day in misery? You’re the only person with the power to change your life because the uncomfortable truth is that everyone else is too busy worrying about their own problems.

Be honest with yourself because no one is going to save you but yourself.

Your Next Step: Ready To Level Up?

Now, many people are unable to see past their limiting beliefs because they don’t have control of their biology. Take back control of your physiology to create confidence and higher emotions, leading to better habits, decisions and outcomes.

See the link there? It all goes back to YOU: mind + body + spirit. We can show you how:

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