An Uncomfortable Truth

If you want to live an effortless + abundant life, you must break free from conventional thinking and the habits of the majority. Greatness is not achieved by embracing mediocrity and low standards.

No BS conversations for the high-achiever who wants it all.

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THE SMRT LIST | future proof your mind

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Welcome To The Future.

Just a bunch of futurists growing with the flow + having no problem with living unapologetically on the edge of our comfort zones.

We future-proofing your mind for exponential growth by unveiling uncomfortable truths to build grit.

Life feels effortless when your brain is wired to live fearlessly.

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We are on a mission to solve the comfort crisis & upgrade fragile mindsets.

THE SMRT LIST newsletter | We unveil uncomfortable truths to build grit.

Let's Get Right To The Point:

We're all going to lose our looks but we'll always have our brains. We teach you to:


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The Wealthy Minds Manifesto

work smrt & play smrt

Hard is overrated. Time is money so let’s do life right.

Obsession is Required

A mediocre attitude gets you mediocre results.

level up your mind

Cultivate an abundant mindset so opportunities fall into your lap.

facilitate growth

We run towards (not away) from mountains.

Ban Comfort Zones

Comfort zones are where all good things go to die.

Built Grit + Resilience

Create a mindset of iron & impenetrable inner peace.

know your priorities

Obsess over the journey, not the destination.


Stay armed with tools & insights to get sh!t done with radical productivity + focus.​

Walk The Walk

We're allergic to BS. Don't just talk the talk... WALK THE WALK.

Think Different

Encourage curiosity + contrarian thinking for endless creativity.

are you an over-achiever wanting more?

The Healthy + Wealthy Accelerator

We help over-achievers future-proof their minds and design healthy + wealthy lifestyles by seamlessly integrating peak performance strategies into daily routines.

intensive 1:1 coaching

the future is here. technology is growing exponentially. is your brain ready?

✔️ more confidence
✔️ more opportunities
✔️ live effortlessly in flow
✔️ more money + more time
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✔️ live fearlessly & unapologetically

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