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We reprogram your brain to live longer, better, and fearlessly.

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✓ learn to biohack longevity to build grit and live longer
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We say it as it is because chasing triggers are the quickest way to level up. →
Biohacking Peak Performance & Longevity | THE SMRT LIST | Newsletter

About The Author:

Imagine going to bed every night excited to get up the next day no matter how hard life is at the moment. I can teach you how.

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🌿 HEALTH: peak performance & flow coach, holistic nutritionist, cyclist, athlete. 💸 WEALTH: Serial entrepreneur, agency owner, creative strategist, writer, columnist, designer, web developer, copy-writer, digital marketer, e-commerce consultant. 🔥 INTJ. Libra. Contrarian thinker. Loves to be intellectually stimulated. READ MY STORY →
  • Taught myself how to code + design at 9.
  • I can develop, design, and write in my sleep.
  • Been consulting & hustling since my teens.
  • Been writing forever (started my first blog when I was 11).
  • Began my career at 19 in video games for 10 years.
  • Was the UI Lead on the no.1 video game in the world throughout my early 20s.
  • Quit that 9-5 & traveled the world alone for 2 years on my road bike.
  • Launched multiple e-commerce brands and stores from zero in highly competitive industries. B2B, B2C. DTC,
  • Built food delivery businesses from scratch. 
  • Built 7k mailing lists in >3 months.
  • Built my first 12k+ mailing list in 2010 (organically before social media was a thing).
  • Worked with multiple high-ticket clients with a reputation for over-delivering.
  • Addicted to learning, books, podcasts, reading, and writing.
  • Have never lost motivation to workout since 2009.
  • Healed myself naturally + holistically when I completely lost my health in 2020 by harnessing neuroplasticity, behavior change, nutrition, stress reduction strategies, and energy medicine (biofeedback & meditation).
  • I travel the world alone with my road bike in the alps, rain, snow, or shine.
  • Been talking cold showers for a decade and I don’t blink before entering cold water. I can teach you how.

Let's Get Right To The Point:

We are on a mission to solve the comfort crisis & upgrade fragile mindsets.

We're all going to lose our looks but we'll always have our brains. We teach you to FUTURE-PROOF YOUR MIND.

We unveil uncomfortable truths to trigger you to take action.

Biohacking Peak Performance & Longevity | THE SMRT LIST | Newsletter

NEWSLETTER CONTENT: what to expect

The Wealthy Minds Manifesto

work smrt & play smrt

Hard is overrated. Time is money so let’s do life right.

Obsession is Required

A mediocre attitude gets you mediocre results.

priortize your brain

Cultivate an abundant mindset so opportunities fall into your lap.

Live Fearlessly

Facilitate growth by running towards (not away) from mountains.

Ban Comfort Zones

Comfort zones are where all good things go to die.

Built Grit + Resilience

Create a mindset of iron & impenetrable inner peace.

know your priorities

Obsess over the journey, not the destination.


Stay armed with tools & insights to get sh!t done with radical productivity + focus.​

Walk The Walk

We're allergic to BS. Don't just talk the talk... WALK THE WALK.

Think Different

Challenge all societal norms and encourage curiosity + contrarian thinking.

Welcome To The Future.

Just a bunch of futurists growing with the flow + having no problem with living unapologetically on the edge of our comfort zones.

We future-proof your mind for exponential growth by unveiling uncomfortable truths to build grit.

Life feels effortless when your brain is wired to live fearlessly.

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Biohacking Peak Performance & Longevity | THE SMRT LIST | Newsletter

How To Properly Brand Yourself in 2024

“Personal Branding” is flawed. Here’s how to do it right. Coaches tell you how to build your brand, but they forget to teach you how to “build yourself”.

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5 Ways To To Get Unstuck

We’re all anxious, depressed, sick, diseased, dying and fighting each other because we’ve lost touch with our bodily sensations (aka interoception). Here’s how to get it back.

Why I Date Older Men

Science is literally going to prove that “age is just a number.” Time to stop listening to societal norms and expand your perspective. Being close-minded will get you nowhere.

Be Obsessed Or Be Average

Obsession may have a bad connotation but that’s a mindset reserved for the mediocre. Average is where all things go to die because you never get out of your comfort zone.


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