Hey Change Maker!

are you ready to get tranformed?

✔️ more money + more time
✔️ future-proof your business and your mind
✔️ develop sustainable models for biz + life
✔️ develop grit & a mindset of iron
✔️ live fearlessly &  unapologetically

What if I told you that getting rich has nothing to do with money?

I never chased salary and turned down 6-figure job opportunities because they didn’t align with my vision and values. Instead, I stayed true to myself and I manifested everything I wanted into reality. Let me show you my framework for a healthy + wealthy life. →

→ Do you feel stuck in your career?
→ Did you always feel like you’ve wanted more but didn’t know how to get more?
→ Have you been playing it safe but your habits are keeping you from scaling?
→ Do your relationships suck?
→ Are you missing your kids growing up?
→ Do you have problems keeping off those pounds because you “don’t have time” to go to the gym?
→ Limiting beliefs?
→ Imposter syndrome?
→ Lack of confidence?
→ Overwhelmed and burnt out?

That’s because most of everything we do is the exact same as yesterday.

Did you know that 95% of everything you see/think/do/say is from your subconscious mind? Your brain has already made a decision up to 10 seconds before you’ve acted on it.

I’m Kate, your coach with 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience and an athlete. Discipline is my game.

Building a purposeful life is a lonely road. I’ve been there and done that multiple times. I want to show you my framework for health + wealth for fulfilling success and profound inner peace.

Kate | ko0ty | 24 CARAT INC | twentyfourcarat.net


You are not afraid of failing. You are afraid of people seeing you fail.

metaphors make up our minds

ReprogramMING Your Subconscious

From my experience, you can watch or read all you want but to actually live through something along with all the emotions and insights that come with it is an entirely different experience.

We will explore the methods to shift your paradigm to:

✔️ get rid of limiting beliefs

✔️ stop living in scarcity

✔️ embody abundance so opportunities fall into your lap

✔️ increase confidence

✔️ increase salary

✔️ increase well-being

✔️ see the world from an entirely different perspective

✔️ make life seemingly more effortless

Structured Coaching

The 3 Pillars of Health + Wealth

Everyone wants to make money online but they forget to nurture their health. I’ve hung out with billionaires I can tell you: money doesn’t equate to happiness.

Your health and doing something fulfilling with your life does. Here is what my coaching framework will cover:

1. Mindset

2. Career Growth

3. Mental + Physical + Spiritual Wellbeing


By Working 1:1 With Me, You Will:

Received highly-personalize coaching.

I use proven science-backed strategies. And we will have fun while doing it because it's all about the journey. Transformation is supposed to be fun!

Define goals and vision.

Your brain must know exactly what you want for your subconscious to start making decisions for you to get there. I will teach you the science behind manifestation and how to bring your vision to life.

Develop extreme awareness to reprogram your subconscious.

You will be transformed mentally and spiritually after each session and be inspired to express yourself in new ways both professionally and in your personal life.

Feel seen and heard and supported like never before.

You will have a safe space to express yourself in a compassionate, non-judgmental environment. Don’t worry, I’ve seen and experienced so many things in my life and I know we all come from somewhere.

Gain clarity and insight into your thought patterns and behaviours.

Develop extreme awareness to reprogram your subconscious.

Be armed with tools to take radical action.

I will provide you with proven strategies, resources, and worksheets to turn insights into tangible actionable steps so you will walk away feeling light, calm, and motivated.

*coaching spots are limited*

Time to Get real

My Coaching Method

FULL TRANSPARENCY: My coaching style may not be suited for everyone.

Radical transformation requires hard work.

I am here to be your non-biased BFF who will hold your hand but push you out of your comfort zone.

Real friends call you out when you’re not showing up because they want you to grow. Don’t worry, I’m nice about it. 😉

THE PROBLEM: Some teaching methods tell you to work harder, be grateful, and stay positively. That’s all fluff.

You don’t need to “try harder” or settle for less. Being the high achiever that you already are, you already got this! But you are still spinning your wheels because you’re not in alignment with your purpose.

I am going to help you get MORE of what you already are.

I believe comfort zones are where things go to rot and die. I’m all about the hard and uncomfortable truths many people know but are afraid to swallow.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it but we all need to be obsessed with transformation to truly see results.

I teach you how to embody “healthy obsession” with a few mindset shifts and guidance

🤞🏼 I promise I won’t suck up to you.

🤞🏼 I promise I am going to help you level up.

🤞🏼 I promise I am going to respect your journey but help you develop grit along the way.

🤞🏼 I promise we will have fun along the way!

I knew very early on that I’m the product of my environment and if I want to succeed, I need everyone around me to succeed.

How bad do you want it?

Investment Options

There are coaching packages options available for no matter where you are in your journey.


The Curious
  • 3 Month Of Support ($1217/month)
  • Bi-Weekly Check Ins
  • Business & Life Guidance
  • Three step framework
  • Work Sheets & Resources
  • Offline Support

Change Maker

The Action Taker
$6323.99 $5749.27
  • Save $574.72
  • 6 Month Support ($958/month)
  • Business & Life Guidance
  • Bi-Weekly Check Ins
  • Offline Support
  • Three step framework
  • Work Sheets & Resources

Legacy Builder

The Over-Achiever
$11,498.54 $10,479.21
  • Save $1019.33
  • 12 Month Support ($875/month)
  • Business & Life Guidance
  • Bi-Weekly Check Ins
  • Three step framework
  • Work Sheets & Resources
  • Offline Mentorship
  • Fitness & Nutrition Guidance