Notion LinkedIn Content Planner

Want to save time, boost productivity, and stay organized while consistently delivering next level content on LinkedIn?

In the spirit of peak performance, our Notion LinkedIn Content Planner is designed to help you slay on the world’s largest professional network. 🗡



Why You Need To Plan Your Content:

  • Saves Time: Peak performers work smart because we know time is money.
  • Increase Productivity: By batching your content in bulk, you save significant time because you reduce task switching which leaves behind the dreaded attention residue— a productivity killer.
  • Time Management: Scheduling social media content frees up time, enabling you to make the most of your day, and achieve your goals more effectively.
  • Consistency: Plan and strategize your content in advance, ensuring that your messages are aligned, and your overall content strategy is consistent.
  • Stay Organized: The flexible dashboard contains all your posts, notes, brand strategy, and everything you need for content creation.
  • Flexibility: More time for other tasks such as engagement, nurturing leads, or taking more time off!

Our Notion LinkedIn Content Planner features:

  • to-do list
  • calendar view
  • multiple views
  • strategy planner
  • measure your objectives
  • brand worksheet to help you find clarity
  • copywriting & headline tips
  • fully customizable

You must be tired of wasting time juggling multiple tasks, struggling to keep your content consistent, and feeling overwhelmed by your content planning process.

Our Notion LinkedIn Content Planner is designed to help you become a peak performer!

Save time with a to-do list, calendar view, and strategy planner. Increase productivity as you reduce task switching, freeing up time for other high-value activities. This content planner also includes a brand worksheet to help you find clarity, plus copywriting tips to make sure your content is always on point.

With a flexible dashboard, everything you need for content creation is all in one place, keeping you organized and ensuring that your messages are aligned.

You’ll learn to work smarter, not hard.

Peak performers eliminate resistance and barriers to:

  • save time
  • be more productive
  • make more money. 😎
Notion LinkedIn Content Planner
Notion LinkedIn Content Planner



Here’s why you should be on LinkedIn, like, yesterday:

  1. Job Opportunities Galore: Want to find your dream job? Every minute, 8 people are hired on Linkedin, making it the best platform to connect with potential employers and make yourself known.
  2. Networking Nirvana: Build your professional network and connect with colleagues, experts, and even potential clients. The more connections you make, the more opportunities will come your way.
  3. Show Off Your Skills: Share your experiences, achievements, and showcase your skills to the world. Build your personal brand and make a name for yourself.
  4. Stay Ahead of the Game: Keep up with industry news and insights, and be in the loop on the latest trends. You’ll be the go-to expert in no time!
  5. Hiring Made Easy: If you’re a company looking to hire, LinkedIn is the perfect place to start. With access to a huge pool of candidates and the ability to target specific industries and skill sets, hiring has never been easier.

And the best part? LinkedIn is only getting bigger and better, with over 134.5 million daily active users, and growing! So why wait? Join the LinkedIn revolution and start building your personal brand, beginning with our Notion Linkedin Content Planner!