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Hi, Friends!

In the spirit of my birthday month and 36 years of existence in this universe… I’m going to be super open about what’s going on in my life— and tell you how much I changed my life in 3-month increments.

In January of this year, I was hit with a tragic loss. We worked all year towards a desired outcome and it was taken away in a blink of an eye due to illness. It happened swiftly— my brain didn’t even have time to process it. Prior to that, 2022 was difficult because I was working hard on bringing trauma to awareness (in order to heal) my upbringing and doing deep subconscious de-programming. IYKYK. Imagine intentionally facing everything that triggered you, scared you, made you uncomfortable— I’ve been doing that for 2 years. It’s harder than a 300km bike ride in the dead of winter.

Good thing, this isn’t the first time I experienced extreme loss so I already had a blueprint. I knew what to do to get out of a rut, quickly.

In this edition of THE SMRT, I want to give you the tools and stratgies to get unstuck and move on after extreme loss.

I’m a dopamine-driver over-achiever and I made a promise to myself, “I will never stay stuck” after losing my health, businesses, relationship, and freedom in 2020.

I’ve never disappointed myself in that sense. It’s called extreme ownership and it comes effortlessly because it’s a muscle I’ve been strengthening for years.

I want to show you how.


How To Change Your Life In 3 Months

I woke up one day in mid-March— back in pain, barely about to get out of bed. I forced myself to go to the gym anyway. I did a lifting class, went to spin, and then went to my physiotherapist where she stuck an IMS needle into my inner thigh, and I cried for hours. It was months of emotions trapped in my body from a traumatic event that happened in January.

I thought I was fine— my mind was strong … or so I thought.

But your body holds onto ALL your emotional memories, pain, and trauma.

I had spent 2 months unconsciously brushing that trauma under the carpet while pushing my body to the limits (work, gym, bike rides, eating healthy).

I didn’t allow myself time to process the tragedy.

After that incident, when I realized I was going back to my old ways, I knew I needed to change.

Three philosophies to live by:

  1. Always upgrade, never downgrade.
  2. You’re allowed to make mistakes but don’t repeat the same mistakes twice.
  3. Never allow yourself to stay stuck for too long. It’s a choice to move forward.

Three months ago, I was in my hometown:

❌ Didn’t have the right community around me.
❌ Unmotivated (knowing I had zero future there).
❌ Feeling lost & facing PTSD from a recent traumatic event.

I crave a complete transformation. I left my country and 3 months later:

✅ Found a new purpose & clarity.
✅ Created a new community of people who aligned with my life’s vision.
✅ Everything I manifested at the beginning of this year is falling into my lap.

How I Changed My Life in 3 Months

  1. Changed my state.
  2. Changed my environment.
  3. Identified what I hated about my life and took radical action to change my trajectory with small, incremental steps performed daily.

Now let’s go on a deep dive…

How To Change Your Life in 3 Months | THE SMRT LIST | Biohackers | Peak Performance

Trajectory: Current Life vs Desired Life

First, I’m going to teach you a concept to help you change your life quickly.

Your trajectory is the path in life that you choose. It’s the direction you’re heading in, and it leads to a specific destination or outcome. What’s really interesting is that even a small change in your path can lead to completely different results in your life.

The CHOICE of the path you take will have the biggest impact on the outcomes you desire in life.

Now, many people know they need to change their lives. So they read a ton of articles and books, and talk to a therapist or friends yet.. nothing happens.

Let me explain why 👉🏼

These people aren’t ready, they’re not in the right state to change.

To get UNSTUCK, the first thing you MUST do is to change your state aka your physiology:

1️⃣ Change your body to change your emotions.
2️⃣ Change your emotions to change your decisions.
3️⃣ Change your decisions to upgrade the quality of your life.

Why People Stay Stuck

What you do everyday matters, even if it’s just a small step in the right direct

People stay stuck because they’re not physically implementing small changes in their daily habits toward their newly desired trajectory.

Their minds may want to move forward, but their actions (body) are still stuck in the past. When your mind and body aren’t in sync, it’s hard to make progress.

Why does this happen?

Our emotions, pains, and traumas stay trapped in our cells.

To get unstuck and change your life, you need to get your ACTIONS in line with your THOUGHTS. Your body needs to catch up with your mind.

You need to change your physical state— this is hard.

People are lazy because we’re wired for comfort.

These simple changes require physical effort:

✅ Distance yourself from the problem by changing your environment
✅ EXERCISE → cheapest & easiest upgrade
✅ Splash cold water on your face
✅ Go for a walk
✅ Cold shower
✅ Bike Ride
✅ Walk
✅ Run

Hate your current life?

We’ll teach you how to JUMP TIMELINES into a new trajectory.

Want to learn more? Click to read the rest of the article!

3 Step Framework To Change Your Life in 3 Months | THE SMRT LIST | Biohackers | Peak Performance

Biohack Your Way To A New Trajectory

Now, I know change is easier said than done.

Life comes easy to me because I have absolute control over my mind and body— I can squash negative thoughts, see the glass half full, have mastered energy management, and my friends say I emit good energy.

I go to bed every single night excited to wake up and slay the next day. No joke— even when I’m going through the toughest times

Want to know my secret?

I hardwired my brain to think like this because since I began my biohacking journey over a decade ago. I’ve never fallen off the bandwagon.

Developing extreme interoception (the ability to read your bodily sensations) gives you full control of your biology so you know what to do when you get triggered or when life gets tough.

As a result, I can always get back on track and change my life path if I don’t like where it’s going.

I learned to be in complete control of my physiological state.

Let me teach you how.

Biohacking changes your physiology.

Our personality isn’t scable but our biology is.

We live in a constant state of flux with the universe— always changing and evolving. Our bodies are insanely adaptable and our brains are constantly changing, forming new connections. In fact, we’re a different person every millisecond and we need to rewire our minds to roll with it.

People who stay stuck resist change.

Don’t be that.

Biohackers don’t wait for someone to save them. We change ourselves.

What Is Biohacking?

Biohacking gives you the right you deserve— the right to control your body and your outcome.

It gifts you a new way to live— one doesn’t follow the conventional way where we wait around for our doctors, big pharma, and people who don’t really care about you nor know you enough to save you.

  • Biohacking teaches you interoception (the ability to sense and perceive the internal state of your body, including subtle sensations like hunger, pain, and heartbeat).
  • Helps you manage your energy so you’re not tired and overwhelmed all the time.
  • Strengthens the foundation for a healthy, happy life where you are in control.
  • Biohacking is the ultimate commitment to yourself.
  • Biohacking is extreme ownership.

Your Next Step: Ready To Level Up?

Now, many people are unable to see past their limiting beliefs because they don’t have control of their biology. Take back control of your physiology to create confidence and higher emotions, leading to better habits, decisions and outcomes.

See the link there? It all goes back to YOU: mind + body + spirit. We can show you how:

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