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Making Life Effortless With Gamification & Flow States

Uncomfortable Truth: Most of us are playing life wrong. Evolution could accelerate a lot faster with elevated standards.

Life is a game.

In the complex mosaic of existence, life reveals itself as an intricate and dynamic game. Within each fleeting moment and circumstance lies a potent opportunity, an invitation to ascend the tiers of health, wealth, and the myriad realms in between.

Rooted in the principles of gaming, our mindset transforms trials into stepping stones, and hurdles into treasures of growth. Conquering each challenge equates to accumulating experience points, a testament to our journey’s advancement. Just as a game’s trials stretch our capacities for engagement, life’s adversities foster resilience and the expansion of our capabilities.

Time dilates in this grand game, granting us the chance to savor each experience as if it were a treasured level, and each moment an opportunity for progression. The pursuit of excellence, much like seeking higher scores in a game, calls for dedicated focus and “effortless” effort, where the joy of self-improvement and the fulfillment of reaching milestones drive us forward.

Just as games are multifaceted, the game of life presents an array of quests—from forging healthier habits to amassing knowledge—each accomplishment an intrinsic reward, akin to the exhilaration of victory. As we interact with others, fostering relationships becomes an art of collaboration, mutual support, and shared growth, mirroring the cooperative spirit of multiplayer games.

Embracing life’s fluctuations, whether fortune or challenge, mirrors adapting to game levels with a blend of strategy and resilience.

If we approach life with this powerful perspective, celebrating each achievement as a level-up, we recognize that the game’s true beauty lies in the journey of becoming our best selves.

Self-mastery is the true game of life.

The simple goal should be “to do better than yesterday.” Even if it’s a mere 1% better— one more page read, another pound lifted, an extra mile run, or turning a negative thought into a positive—holds the power of transformation.

Change thrives on consistent, incremental effort, making profound shifts through these small yet unwavering commitments. For it is in these unassuming yet unwavering commitments, executed day in and day out, that true metamorphosis transpires.

Navigating Life’s Labyrinth with the Flow States

We can create flow to move seamlessly through the chaos.

Flow—a personal playground of heightened consciousness—unites time, effort, and the universe in a symphony of harmony. Within its realm, profound connections, growth, and accomplishments abound, as the universe itself propels our intentions forward, effortless as a whisper on the wind.

When immersed in flow, life feels effortless. It’s almost like a cheat code that puts you ahead of the masses.

The Rules Of The Game: Why You Need to Gamify Your Life

We only have one life to live. What if you can make it effortless AND fun at the same time? The orchestration of flow states within the grand game of life offers us this very opportunity.

Here are 5 ways flow states can make the game easier:

  1. Curiosity: Flow Is The Secret To Creativity
  2. Passion: Flow Trains You To Live On The Edge Of Discomfort.
  3. Purpose: Flow Enhances Learning
  4. Autonomy: Flow Boosts Well-Being
  5. Mastery: Flow Upgrades Your Resilience For Mental Endurance
Making Life Effortless With Gamification | Peak Performance Training | Free Executive Athlete Training

11 Ways To Gamify Your Life

1. Quest for Triumph: Goal Setting and Rewards

  • Set clear, achievable goals for different areas of your life (health, work, personal development).
  • Assign points or rewards to each goal based on their difficulty or significance.
  • Celebrate your achievements with small rewards, such as treats or enjoyable activities.

2. Scoreboard of Achievements:

  • Keep a scoreboard where you can visually track your progress toward your goals.
  • Use apps or journals to log your achievements and update your scores regularly.

3. Time Mastery

  • Break tasks into smaller, manageable chunks.
  • Work in 90min bouts of deep work with a minimum of 20min breaks in accordance to our ultradian rhythms.
  • Reward yourself with points or treats after completing a certain number of focused work sessions.

4. A Wellness Odyssey: Building Healthy Habits

  • Create a health-related challenge, such as a step-count competition or a healthy eating streak.
  • Use fitness apps that turn exercise into a game, like Zombies, Run! or Pokémon GO.

5. Skillful Ventures: Continuous Learning

  • Turn learning a new skill into a quest or adventure. Assign points for completing lessons or practicing.
  • Compete with friends to see who can learn the most in a set amount of time.

6. Social Accountability

  • Involve friends or family in your gamified activities for mutual support and competition.
  • Share your progress and achievements on social media to gain encouragement and recognition.

7. Virtual Rewards and Badges

  • Create virtual badges or trophies for different accomplishments.
  • Use apps that offer badges or levels as you complete tasks or meet milestones.

8. Identity Alchemy: Role-Play

  • Create an alternate identity such as Beyonce’s “Sasha Fierce”. This is a “superhero” version of yourself with a unique name or persona that represents your desired accomplishments. Whenever you tackle a challenging task or overcome a hurdle, mentally embrace your secret identity and recognize yourself as a capable and determined individual.
  • Imagine your life as a video game character and set quests for yourself.
  • Assign different personas to different tasks or activities to make them more engaging.

9. Daredevil Days

  • Dedicate specific days to tackling challenges or trying new things.
  • Challenge yourself to break personal records or try activities outside your comfort zone.

10. Arena of Achievement: Competitions

  • Organize friendly competitions with friends or colleagues to see who can accomplish the most in a specific timeframe.
  • Use apps that allow you to compete against others in achieving goals.

11. Epic Chronicle of Progress: Storytelling

  • Create a narrative around your goals and track your progress as if it’s part of an epic story.
  • Document your journey with photos, videos, or journal entries.
Making Life Effortless With Gamification | Peak Performance Training | Free Executive Athlete Training

Ways I Gamify My Life

1. The Grouse Grind

A 2km ‘hike’ in Vancouver that is straight uphill). I use to do the Grind often, 3-4 times per week, and each grind has a purpose/intention which I decide on the day of depending on how my body feels:

  • Zone 2 Training.
  • Getting a new PR.
  • Nature therapy: no music.
  • Focus on breathwork & breathing calmly.
  • Relaxing: zoning out to music + daydreaming.
  • Working on my glutes by focusing on activation in each step.
  • Mindset training: pushing hard but practicing overcoming resistance with mantras.

2. Cycling

Each ride has a purpose. That’s why we can ride the same route over and over because every ride is different. It’s ALL about the journey.

  • If it’s at the end of a long work day when my brain is fried, I ride with no music or audio— only my thoughts and sounds of nature to reset my nervous system.
  • Some days I’ll listen to music to zone out
  • …. but ONLY if I’ve gone through content (podcasts or audiobooks). It’s a discipline thing.
  • Some days I started with music or no audio, and the second half of the ride will be with content after it had some time to recharge.

3. Chasing Triggers

In 2021, I was healing and noticed everything and everyone was triggering me left and right. I spent the entire year intentionally ‘chasing triggers’— getting curious about them instead of running away / avoiding them as most people do.

I told myself to make a game out of it because facing each trigger was a level-up.

The hardest thing I’ve done but the MOST rewarding. It was hard AF but the level up was insane.

Making Life Effortless With Gamification | Peak Performance Training | Free Executive Athlete Training

TL;DR: Making Life Effortless With Gamification

To win at the game in life, you must constantly LEVEL UP— as intimidating as it sounds, it can be quite effortless when you take advantage of flow states— a state all of us can hack into when we learn to use our biology to our advantage.

In a nutshell, here’s your guide to gamifying life for self-mastery:

  1. Life is a dynamic game with opportunities to level up in health, wealth, and more.
  2. Challenges are stepping stones for growth, fostering resilience and expansion.
  3. Time bends, letting us savor each moment deeply in this grand game.
  4. Focused effort fuels progress, making self-improvement a joyful journey.
  5. Life offers diverse quests, from habits to knowledge, each a rewarding accomplishment.
  6. Relationships thrive through collaboration, echoing the spirit of multiplayer games.
  7. Embrace life’s fluctuations with strategy and resilience, akin to mastering game levels.
  8. Utilize flow states for seamless navigation and heightened consciousness.
  9. Flow makes life feel effortless, propelling us ahead of the masses.
  10. Self-mastery emerges through consistent, incremental progress—surpassing yesterday’s self.

Your Next Step: Ready To Level Up?

Now, many people are unable to see past their limiting beliefs because they don’t have control of their biology. Take back control of your physiology to create confidence and higher emotions, leading to better habits, decisions and outcomes.

See the link there? It all goes back to YOU: mind + body + spirit. We can show you how:

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