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kate | longevity expert | biohacker | peak performance coach | tech & e-commerce entrepreneur | story-teller | content creator | writer | holistic nutritionist | athlete | cyclist

Live life on your own terms. Master the art of healthy wealthy lifestyle design and get well-rounded AF.

We are in the business of building people to become big, bold, unapologetic brands through not-your-average peak performance coaching.

Life will never be easy but you can be better. We transform you into well-round, captivating & confident humanbeing ready to serve, and slay at life. Our coaching approach will push you to the edge of your comfort zone— the best place to be. Life's a game. How hard are you playing?

ways to work with me:

Schedule a 30 min discovery call with me to inquire how we can work together! I provide personalized 1:1 coaching packages to get you from point A to point B.

Ask-me-anything in one hour: entrepreneurship, making money online, leaving your 9-5, productivity, neuroscience, biohacking, holistic nutrition, fitness, longevity. I can help with all of that.

Your personal brand is your personal development. We help you do both. Why? People buy from companies, not brands. We humanize your online and offline so you walk to the walk.

I can help you bring your business online to slay the digital space. I have 15+ years of  launching brands and e-commerce experience in health, finance, beauty, food, biotech, longevity, fintech, crypto, and clean energy.

I taught myself how to code when I was 9. Our boutique web development firm specializes in branding, copywriting, web development, digital marketing, content creation, with a stream-lined, no-fluff approach.

Not your average longevity newsletter. We drop truth bombs and unconventional insights to challenge you to seize extreme ownership of your health and wealth.

Why You Need To Be On Linkedin, Like Yesterday: LinkedIn is the fastest-growing social network in the world, with over 1 billion global users, 40% daily active users, and only 2% creators!

What This Means For You: You have a high chance of standing out. Think of Instagram during it’s heydays in 2014.

Linkedin is changing. It’s no longer about boring, stuffy, corporate content. It now represents real people looking to connect authentically.

What This Means For You: It’s hard to stand out in a sea of fluff. We can help.

Mega Bonus: It’s filled with peak performers ready to take action, buy, and collaborate.

Products: SMRTER Performance Blueprints

Stuck in the same old routine? Let’s shatter those patterns, step out of your comfort zone, and make real progress. Get your free workbook— a simple 3 step framework to find clarity. 

Learn to scale your biology by  accessing flow states. When you’re in flow, you’re 500% more productive— the ultimate hack to compound your time, effort and focus.

More free in-depth training on how to access flow states— the legendary mind-gym of leaders, Navy Seals, CEOS, and high-achievers.

Slay on Linkedin and other social platforms with a free Notion social calendar, content & writing. Automate your content to save time, get noticed, to make more money.

Can't Afford Coaching Yet? We Provide FREE Training!

Stuck? Unmotivated? Lack discipline? Anxious? Can’t stick to a fitness routine? Click here for FREE advice and in-depth training. 👉🏼

The blog has a ton of indepth articles to help you scale your biology and become superhuman. We chat career, relationships, wellness, social life, and everything in between

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Why Work With Kate:

I’m an athlete AND entrepreneur. I promise, I walk the talk. I scale both your business and your body— to survive the long game.

My biggest pet peeve are people who says one thing and does another thing. Our brains are pattern, recognition machines, and when our actions don’t align with our words, we break trust.

I’m a certified peak performace coach and nutritionist. BUT I also code, design, write, and sell. 

With my extensive hands-on experience, I know how to ask the right questions or put together the team to get the job done right.