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I Discovered The Secret To Infinite Creativity

I'm not kidding when I say I get insight drops literallly every ten minutes and creative blocks are rare!

Imagine: no more creative blocks.

I’m convinced I’ve discovered the secret to infinite creativity:


You know her: Mother Nature. And she’s FREE.

I Discovered The Secret To Infinite Creativity | 24CARATINC | Holistic Business Coaching

How do I know this is the secret to infinite creativity?

In the last decade, I’ve ridden my road bike almost EVERY single day. 🤞🏼My IG followers know because I’ve been consistent for over a decade and that’s all I talk about.

I spent it hunting for the steepest roads to climb, out-of-body experiences in the European alps, crying from feeling ONENESS with the universe (indescribable!!), solo bike trips, riding 500km every holiday within 7 days in the rain and snow. I took my bike on planes, trains, and everything in between.

Not gonna lie, most of it was hard and painful but we consider the PAINCAVE our church.

Clipping into my bike was as habitual as brushing my teeth— even when it was pouring rain outside.

Because I ride my bike consistently OUTSIDE, I…

  • Literally get insight drops every 10 minutes.
  • Never not had anything to talk about. 🤭
  • Never encountered creative / writers’ block.
  • Able to reframe EVERY situation so I’m ALWAYS in a good mood.
  • Had time to consume hundreds of podcasts + audiobooks.

But in the past 5 months, I haven’t been riding consistently:

  • I was in France for 3 months without my bike for a nervous system reset (but got back into heavy lifting)
  • It was deep winter when I got home so I’ve been taking spin classes and gym at Equinox every day… but INSIDE.
  • I discovered I was good at running but that still didn’t have the same effect! Nor did walking. Sorry. 🫣
I Discovered The Secret To Infinite Creativity | 24CARATINC | Holistic Business Coaching

Not being outside on a bike?!??! WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MAKES.

Here’s my theory:

  • We simply SEE more on two-wheels.
  • Being outside expands your mind.
  • We EARN all our views.
  • Our dopamine reward system dictates: effort should ALWAYS precede reward.
  • If you don’t “earn” it, you won’t appreciate it.
  • When you ride, you see a huge variety of scenery in a short amount of time.
  • Cycling is the perfect SPEED to observe life. Too fast in a car, too slow on foot.
  • When constantly overcoming what seemed “impossible”, you become FEARLESS.
I Discovered The Secret To Infinite Creativity | 24CARATINC | Holistic Business Coaching

Not a cyclist?

You’ll get the same experience if you haven’t been spoiled by cycling + traveling because we all start somewhere!

  • Start with getting outside. Walk, run. START SOMEWHERE.
  • Rent a bike and explore with friends. Promise you’ll discover a new perspective.
  • Rides don’t have to be hard, just enjoyable.
  • It never gets easier, but you get faster.
  • Intentionally appreciate being outside.
  • Tell yourself you love being outside (your brain is listening to EVERYTHING you think/say).

The Take-Away

The secret to infinite creativity is TO GET OUTSIDE!

See you out there!

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