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How To Properly Brand Yourself in 2024


Hi, Friends!

Happy Almost-February, where resolutions go to hibernate, but our blueprint for 2024 is wide awake, fueled by audacity and a disdain for the mundane.

This month we’re going to talk about BUILDING OURSELVES.

You know what triggered me in January? When people like my allopathic doctors tell me being ‘average’ is okay.

I went to get my HBA1C tested and it was high (due to stress and 4 months of traveling). I didn’t like what I saw and complained to my doctor for more lab work. He told me I was still within ‘normal’ range. WTF. I wanted to be optimal.

Imagine if we, as a society, raised our standards.


In the spirit of extreme ownership, this is what my newsletter is about— exploring contrarian insights to rise above mediocrity so we can live longer, better, and unapologetically.

I might have it good, but continuing this way, adhering to conventional public health guidelines, could literally shorten your lifespan.

They vilify eggs, steak, salt, and butter, endorsing insulin-spiking high-carb diets. And why are ultra-processed foods legal? Did you know America’s largest fast-food chain is its school cafeterias?

As I uncover how fucked up the world is, the more I’m driven to speak out against certain philosophies and dogmas that are killing us but no one will talk about them because people are afraid of offending snowflakes.

Talk about an elephant in the room.

Here are the things that are on my mind:

  • Meat isn’t to blame for our health epidemic. And veganism ain’t the only answer.
  • Women ‘fast’ but skimp on protein and weightlifting. Muscle is a predictor of longevity. This breaks my heart.
  • How it’s time for vegans to admit many of them have been manipulated by an old white male. I’m sorry but unless you’re privileged, secure and have family/community support— restrictive diets may only put more stress on your nervous system. Stop using meat as the scapegoat.
  • Loneliness is more of an epidemic while science and med bros + sissies are arguing about whose diet philosophy is better.

My Journey: Life Is Not Linear

I’ve been building my new coaching business slowly as a side hustle, amid my creative agency, for the last couple of years as a part of my healing process and personal development. It wasn’t linear (as with anything in life). I gave myself time and patience to explore and pivot.

I live a wild, unconventional life and I enjoy doing things the hard way and chasing things that are hard to get. Just for the record, this is something my therapist and I talk about. 😆

With risk, comes challenges.

Man, I had to do A LOT of pivoting this year because when you dare to chase things outside your “normal”, things can get extremely uncomfortable. These circumstances are handed to us by the universe to test our resilience. If you never experience them (because you never step out of your comfort zone), you stay weak forever.

Every time I overcome a challenge, I grow exponentially. It could take years or decades for some.

That’s why I’m addicted to challenges.

In the uncharted territory of 2024, my strategy for the year ahead involves the same same as last year but with relentless expansion: living light years out of my comfort zone, cultivating resilience, and fearlessly pursuing moonshot dreams.

How To Properly Rebrand Yourself in 2024 | Biohacking Peak Performance | THE SMRT LIST | Edition 022

The Problem With “Personal Branding”

Just as our society overlooks fundamental problems, a similar blind spot exists in the thrilling world of personal branding. While everyone preaches about finding your niche and defining your brand, they forget the most crucial step—building yourself.

We’re flipping the script on personal branding.

The current narrative is flawed.

They sell you on a linear path when it shouldn’t be.

Nail your brand. Find your niche. Talk To ONE person. Blah blah blah.

Please, stop. 🛑

Ironically, when creators advise you to ‘decide your key message and stick to it,’ they undergo many iterations themselves.

You encounter unrealistic advice on clickbait hooks: “If I had to start from scratch, this is what I’d do…” or “I turned 32 today and this is what I’d tell my 20-year-old self.”

Sure, this works for people who know their calling but for many, the journey to find your “one thing” is part of the fun.

Niching down may be necessary for corporate branding when you have specific products or services to sell, and a massive engineering team to pay.

But when you’re creating your PERSONAL BRAND aka building YOURSELF…

I suggest not skipping this part.

Your personal branding journey should intertwine with your personal development. Your brand evolves as you evolve.

All those creators—whether fitness gurus, podcasters, copywriters, or public speakers—probably didn’t find their calling until months or even years into their journey.

You, the reader, only witness their success.

Of course, they share their struggles, but in a world saturated with information, social media-induced comparison-itis can breed feelings of failure, inadequacy, and anxiety.

How To Properly Rebrand Yourself in 2024

Operating on First Principles Thinking, whether rebranding your identity or striving to be a thought leader, the initial step is to work on your biology: your brain and your body.

I hate to tell you— but these are things your grandma has been preaching since birth. She’s right. Mine lived until 103 and she would’ve probably lived longer if she didn’t go blind from cataracts at 100 and lost her ability to be independent and move.

So if you aspire to become a “personal brand” let’s get your 💩 together. Beginning with taking care of your brain and body because let’s face it, without those— you’re literally nothing.

5 Simple Things To Do Today For A Rebrand

1. Eat meat.

Stop being “plant-based” because your favorite influencers say it’s “healthy” for you.

Have you considered their finances and reputation tied to biased beliefs? I follow a local vegan influencer who built her “empire” selling vegan desserts contributing to the metabolic disease epidemic. It’s heartbreaking; she probably knows but is in too deep. I don’t know why no one talks about it, but she looks much older than her age. 😔 It breaks my heart; I’ve been a fan of her hustle since day 1, but it’s killing her.

Don’t let that be you. Want to learn the dirty secrets that are harming everyone? Read this.

Plant-forward is cool, though. ✌🏼 Plants are your friend! But so is that incredible grass-fed steak.

Insulin Resistance | Biohacking Peak Performance | THE SMRT LIST

2. Sleep Well.

Did you know that the time you sleep (and wake up) is more important than the duration of sleep (which is also important!)?

Our bodies operate on a circadian rhythm, a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Our internal clock also needs to be aligned with the sunrise and sunset. Consistency in sleep timing aligns this rhythm, optimizing the body’s functions, including hormone production, metabolism, and temperature regulation.

A disrupted circadian rhythm may be the root cause of many illnesses.

I promise I walk the talk but sleep consistency is my arch nemesis. In the spirit of progress, not perfection, I’m not going to feel bad about it and so shouldn’t you (even if you’re a vegan!). Change takes time. 🫶🏻

3. Intermittent Fast.

Almost a century of scientific research shows that eating less slows aging, extends lifespan, and reduces the risk of many aging-related diseases. It allows your body to enter a state of repair and regeneration during fasting periods.

Our gut is not meant to be constantly digesting food, especially while the majority of us are stuck in a state of chronic fight or flight. Our bodies are not primed for digestion because it’s preparing to run from an invisible lion that includes our tax bills, negative ruminating thoughts, toxic coworkers, and your annoying conspiracy-obsessed uncle on Facebook.

Remember: break your fast with a big protein-heavy (min. 30-50g+ of protein), healthy fats, and fiber. I go low carb (>20g) and haven’t had a “sugar crash” in months.

Pro-tip: download an app to track your fasts. I use Fastic.

4. Move As Much As You Can.

One of the currencies of longevity is movement. When you’re no longer able to move, deterioration begins. Notice how once an elderly person breaks their hip, it goes downhill? Lack of mobility.

Don’t take movement for granted.

Besides, not taking care of themselves is being extremely selfish because you’ll become a burden to your loved ones. Don’t be a part of the problem. It’s never too late to start, but always too late to wait. 🤓

5. Chill Out.

We all know Bryan Johnson, the tech billionaire who is spending $2 million a year to “not die”. He is doing super cool stuff for science! I love it.

But my grandma lived to 103 years old, eating white rice, conventional meat, and seed oils.

Let’s all agree that “longevity” isn’t simply nutrition and fitness.

There’s way more to it:

  • Foster good thoughts.
  • Nurture your relationships.
  • Surround yourself with good people.
  • Live intentionally with passion and purpose.
  • Loneliness kills. But it’s up to YOU to find your community.

PS. I have one rule when it comes to junk food: I have to absolutely fucking LOVE it and it has to be of high quality. I’ll pay $8 for that bag of chips with better ingredients, and never say no to a slice of Chinese fruit cake.

Besides, if I were to die tomorrow, I would have been very satisfied with my life because I know I lived it to the fullest.

Have you?

The good thing is that it’s never too late to start.

But it’s always too late to wait.

Ps. Not that I want to die though— life is wonderful AF. That’s why I decided to work in the field of longevity. It benefits me, my loved ones, and my clients. 😎

The Next Step…

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