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How To Take Extreme Ownership Of Your Life


Hi, Friends!

In the spirit of my birthday coming up in a few days, I want to discuss the importance of aging boldly and unapologetically. I get really triggered when people my age complain about getting old and think they can’t do certain things anymore. It makes me sad for society.

I’m turning 36 and life definitely gets better as the years pass by. I am wiser, feel better, look better, and gain more confidence every single year.

What’s the secret? I’m constantly trying to be better than yesterday, upgrading habits, creating opportunities, and obsessed with expansion. Besides, who in their right mind would want to remain stagnant? Why? Our domain, driven brains are literally wired for growth. If you’re not expanding your mind, you’ll begin to feel anxious, unfulfilled, and get bored.

If you’re not feeling the same vibe, I implore you to ask yourself, “Why the hell not?” 🧐 There’s some sneaky subconscious stuff going on, probably linked to your lack of self-care.

Create A New Normal

If the thought of this overhaul feels overwhelming, it’s a clear sign that your current “normal” falls short. Your mind is a computer hardwired since birth. Your average is the sum of your experiences, habits, and surroundings.

Maybe you’ve been entrenched in the same old patterns – scrolling through your phone endlessly, yearning for change but never quite committing, stuck in a monotonous daily grind, enduring unsatisfying relationships and uninspiring jobs.

I don’t know about you, but I vividly recall the days of lacking body confidence, wrestling with low energy, battling perpetual bloat, contending with mood swings and brain fog, and finding myself in endless arguments with my partner, all while stressing over my diet.

You can eliminate all of that by upgrading your biology. Your “new normal” will be waking up each day with a zest for life, brimming with energy, and genuinely LOVING Mondays. Simply because you’ll be a force in every facet of your existence – actively crafting your own reality.

Science is hurtling toward extended lifespans, ready to tack on a few more decades to our existence. So, isn’t it high time you took some serious ownership of your well-being to age like fine wine?

Let’s strip away the illusions. If you’re diligently nurturing your well-being, what’s there to fear about aging? Maybe you’ve been marching in lockstep with the masses, gorging on their rhetoric.

Don’t be part of the problem; it’s time to upgrade you mindset.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Feeling triggered? Good.

Keep reading. 🤓

P.S. Those triggers? They’re your golden tickets to leveling up. If it didn’t bother you, it wouldn’t matter. Triggers are a call for you to PAY ATTENTION.

With the power of neuroplasticity, anything is possible. I can teach you how.

xSuperhuman Collective: A Community of Biohackers | Extend Health Span & Become A Healthy x Wealthy Superman | Extreme Ownership

Be Obsessed With Biohacking & xSuperhuman Optimization

I’ve come a long way since the beginning of my healing journey when my body shut down in the fall of 2020 from a decade of high standards, triggered by a head-on car, accident, leaving a target, toxic relationship, and launching businesses right in the midst of a pandemic. Whew. If these events didn’t converge into a perfect storm, I wouldn’t have it any other way. They say growth happens during the toughest times, and boy, were they right.

And because I have successfully healed my mind, body, and spirit, and transformed as a new person, that’s what inspired me to pivot into a new path in life. My entire career has been related to human behavior and I am always observing. These days I am observing the fact that so many people stay stuck because of their monkey minds keeping them in their comfort zone..

The Blueprint To Play The Long Game

  1. Work smart
  2. Play smart
  3. Recover hardest.

Ever notice how it’s a breeze to do all the wrong things while resisting the allure of the right ones seems like an uphill battle? We find it oddly easy to exhaust ourselves, mindlessly scroll through social media, spend hours glued indoors to chairs, indulge in junk food, and sip on legal poisons (sugar and alcohol).

I’ve heard countless folks lament about their lives, their inability to break free from destructive habits, all while crafting ingenious excuses. “I can’t eat healthy because comfort food,” or “I’m too busy; I’ve got kids.” What about everyone else whose doing it?

…yet, somehow, we struggle to summon the motivation for gym sessions, meditation, proper sleep, and nurturing our relationships. These are the most cliché yet vital components of a fulfilling life that nobody wants to acknowledge.

The reason is simple: your brain is hardwired to cling to familiarity, to your comfort zone, because it hasn’t quite caught up with the whirlwind pace of modern society. Its sole mission? Keep you alive, even if that means tugging you back to what you’ve always known

My Journey: How I Broke Free From Bad Habits


I began in 2015, around the time I left, quit my 9-5, and an 11-year relationship, and moved out of my hometown with no plan. I was already seven years obsessed with fitness and leveling up my biology.

But that year, something shifted – I began delving into the mysterious realms of the mind, quantum physics, and concepts that seemed downright nutty and unbelievable. It was like deciphering a cryptic code. At first, I couldn’t make sense of any of it.

Can you change your world with just your thoughts?!

When you’re introduced to something new, you’ll always struggle in the beginning as a part the learning process. Stay committed. I devoured books and podcasts, became obsessed with philosophy, found mentors, and tried to connect with people living in this world.

Which led me into the world of biohacking.

It was as if the universe had conspired to bring everything together. Everything began to make sense.

As I look back on this wild journey, I’m utterly astounded by the extent to which I’ve shaped my own reality through the power of my thoughts. It’s a testament to the fact that you can make the seemingly impossible, possible.

xSuperhuman Collective: A Community of Biohackers | Extend Health Span & Become A Healthy x Wealthy Superman | Extreme Ownership

What Is Biohacking?

Biohacking is extreme ownership of your body and mind. Optimizing your biology, pushing boundaries, and taking full accountability.

The ultimate commitment to yourself.

Biohacking isn’t a dirty word. Don’t be one of those people who hate on a word (or label) because they don’t like the person who started the biohacking movement. Not gonna lie, he irritates me too but I see about that because a lot of his content is great. Besides, I had to eat my own words, because if something triggers me, I can’t run from it.

Biohacking is optimizing your body and mind using scientific methods, lifestyle adjustments, and technology. It’s about making intentional changes to improve your health, enhance your cognitive abilities, and increase your overall well-being. Think of it as a systematic approach to becoming the best version of yourself through self-improvement techniques and a commitment to peak performance.

No excuses, only results.

We redefine biohacking as living on the edge of your comfort zone, challenging limits, and committing to results. Biohacking is doing better than yesterday. Taking conscious control of our environment. Not playing victim.

No fluff, just you taking charge.

Biohacks To Extending Your Health Span & Become A Healthy x Wealthy Superman

Why You Need To Be Obsessed With Biohacking

1. Aging Unapologetically Is a Choice, Not a Burden

In a world where many dread the aging process (because they settle like the masses), we say it’s time to embrace it. Aging boldly isn’t about counting wrinkles; it’s about taking extreme ownership of yourself. With biohacking, you hold the power to shape your future. Don’t let society dictate your expiration date.

2. Extreme Ownership

No one is coming to save you. Not your doctors, not big Pharma, not your government, not your parents, not your friends, and not even your partner. We all have our own shit to worry about AND we are part of a corrupted, gigantic system. Good luck with that. The longer you come up with excuses and wait for somebody to fix you, the worse they will become. Be the hero of your story. Biohacking is the ultimate act of self-rescue, where you shed the victim mentality and embrace personal responsibility.

3. Your Comfort Zone Is the Danger Zone

Society tells you to stay comfy, cozy, and complacent. Comfort is overrated. Your comfort zone is your stagnation zone. Biohacking is about embracing discomfort to propel you forward. Personality doesn’t scale, but biology does. Biohacking is the fastest way to transform.

4. Your Brain Is Your Ultimate Biohacking Tool

Biohacking isn’t just about gadgets and supplements; it’s about unleashing your brain’s potential. Your mind can be the most powerful biohacking tool at your disposal to unlock rooms. Everything begins with our thoughts, and when you understand how your brain works, you control your reality

5. Convenience Is the Enemy of Vitality

We’re surrounded by conveniences that make life easy, but they also make us weak and replaceable. Biohacking is the rebellion against this convenience-driven culture. It’s choosing vitality over shortcuts, strength over sloth, and resilience over ease.

6. Question Everything, Including Normality

Don’t blindly follow the herd when it comes to health. Question societal norms and challenge the conventional wisdom that keeps you in the status quo. Biohacking is the path to radical self-ownership, where you decide what’s best for your health

7. Don’t be a burden.

Neglecting your health doesn’t just affect you; it burdens your family and society. It’s a heavy price to pay for avoiding accountability. Biohacking offers the opportunity of a vigorous, independent future.

8. Don’t Be A Part Of The Problem.

In a world of procrastinators, biohackers are the doers. Tomorrow is the excuse of the average. Biohacking is about taking action, seizing the moment, and refusing to be a victim of procrastination. Your future self will thank you for starting now.

9. Science Isn’t Just for Scientists

Who said you need a lab coat to hack your biology? Biohacking isn’t reserved for doctors and scientists. It’s for the rebels who dare to question the status quo and take charge of their own health. You have every right to take responsible accountability to break free from limiting beliefs, and being told what to do by corporations who don’t have your best interest at heart.

10. You Can’t Buy Health, But You Can Invest in It

We live in a world where people splurge on temporary pleasures and hesitate to invest in lasting health. Let’s flip the script. It’s an investment in your longevity, well-being, and potential. The real question is, can you afford not to biohack?

xSuperhuman Collective: A Community of Biohackers | Extend Health Span & Become A Healthy x Wealthy Superman | Extreme Ownership

How To Start Biohacking

We have something exciting coming for you soon. Stay tuned!

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In the meantime, my blog is filled with free resources and training to help you take back control of your biology. Oh, we are in the business of building, big, bold, unapologetic personal brands. Yep, that’s YOU.

🧠 Stay Informed

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Your Next Step: Ready To Level Up?

Now, many people are unable to see past their limiting beliefs because they don’t have control of their biology. Take back control of your physiology to create confidence and higher emotions, leading to better habits, decisions and outcomes.

See the link there? It all goes back to YOU: mind + body + spirit. We can show you how:

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