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How To Bend Reality With Moonshot Goals

Goal-setting the right way. Extraordinary lives require bold moves. If you want to bend reality, you have to think outside the box and stop conforming to rules.

In a universe that often encourages “realistic” and measured steps, there’s a transformative force that emerges when you set your sights on the extraordinary—Moonshot Goals.

Moonshots are the opposite of conventional “reality”.

These aren’t your average objectives; they’re audacious dreams that make your heart race with a mix of fear and excitement. We’ve seen the likes of Google, Apple, and Tesla not just reach for the stars but redefine entire industries through the sheer power of daring to dream big.

In the November edition of THE SMRT LIST, we explored how visionaries like Steve Jobs harnessed the potential of moonshot goals, setting a course for innovation and unparalleled success.

Let’s dig deeper into the blueprint for turning these seemingly unattainable dreams into tangible realities. We’ll chat about embracing fear, intuition, and the freedom to break away from conventional goal-setting norms.

Creating an extraordinary life requires bold moves.

How To Set Moonshot Goals

1. Learn to find and listen to your inner voice.

Your inner voice is your intuition. Create a habit of listening to it, and you’ll find the answers within yourself.

2. Create goals so big they should scare you a little and excite you a lot.

If you want to be truly motivated towards hitting a goal, the goal must be more difficult than what you’re capable of because if it’s too easy, you’ll get bored.

Zero motivation. Zero excitement.

You need emotions to fuel you towards your vision.

Besides, our brains thrive on challenges.

If you’re achieving all of your goals, they’re probably too easy (unless you’re Superman). Don’t lie to yourself. A good rule of thumb suggested by Larry Page (CEO of Google) is half of your goals should have a high chance of failure. You don’t need to hit all your goals. Hitting 70-80% is good enough.

Failure is fantastic. Many people are afraid to fail but by you taking that risk, you’ll grow exponentially while others stay the same. You’ll become more courageous and intuitive each time you overcome a hurdle.

Moonshot In Action: Google

How did Google become so successful?

Google’s been doing big things since it went public in 2004. The founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, made a promise to focus on long-term growth even if it meant not making quick profits. Their gutsy moves, like buying YouTube, paid off big time, bringing in over $10 billion a year, amongst other successful strategic moves such as Google Adwords, acquiring Android in 2005, and investment in machine learning and AI.

Ruth Porat, the money expert at Google, sorted out the finances by putting all the risky projects into a separate “Other Bets” group. Even though this group lost $3.6 billion, Google’s big picture still showed a profit of $19.5 billion.

It proves that Google’s mix of wild ideas and smart money moves makes them a rock-solid player in the tech world.

And here’s the real deal: Google’s not scared of failing.

They’ve had projects like Google+, Wave, and Project Ara that didn’t take off, but that’s just part of the game. They know that trying new things means some won’t work out, and that’s okay.

This culture of unbridled experimentation reinforces Google’s identity as an incubator of groundbreaking ideas, where learning from failure is as integral to their journey as celebrating triumphs.

So, when it comes to changing the game, Google’s saying it’s cool to take risks and learn from whatever happens, whether it’s a win or a whoops.

Now begs the next question…

7 Ways To Action Towards Moonshot Goals

1. Embrace the Fear and Excitement

Moonshot goals should make your heart race with a mix of fear and excitement. If your goals don’t scare you a bit and excite you a lot, they might not be moonshot enough. Larry Page, co-founder of Google, once said, “If you’re not doing some things that are crazy, then you’re doing the wrong things.” So, welcome that adrenaline rush and let it fuel your journey.

2. Cultivate Your Intuition

Steve Jobs swore by intuition, considering it more powerful than intellect. Take a moment to tap into your inner voice. Create a quiet space, follow your breath, and listen to what your heart says about your goals. This isn’t just a whimsical exercise—studies have shown that intuition plays a crucial role in decision-making, often surpassing analytical thinking. Trusting your gut might just be the missing link to steering your moonshot goals in the right direction.

3. Take Baby Steps Every Day Toward Your Vision

If you don’t take the first step, you won’t know what the second step is. Every small action accumulates into significant progress. Break down your moonshot goals into manageable tasks and commit to taking baby steps every day.

4. Learn and Adjust from Failure

Failure is a stepping stone, not a stumbling block. If you fail to reach your goal, the worst thing that’ll happen is you’ll learn a powerful lesson. You’ll be light years ahead of those setting small “realistic” goals. High risk, high reward. As long as you’re learning and taking steps forward, you’re on the right path.

4. Active Meditation

Stillness accesses your inner voice. Act on the insights gained from within. The answer is already in you. Incorporate moments of active meditation into your routine, providing a mental space for creative thinking and problem-solving.

5. Break Free from SMART Constraints

While SMART goals have their place, moonshot goals defy the logic of being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Instead, adopt Larry Page’s rule—let at least 50% of your goals be a coin flip. High-stakes, high-reward situations often lead to monumental achievements. Take calculated risks, embrace uncertainty, and remember that life rarely follows a linear path.

6. Create a Diverse Portfolio

Just like Google’s “Other Bets” segment, diversify your goals. Have a mix of ambitious, high-risk projects and more achievable ones. This strategy ensures that even if some goals fall short, others might soar. The goal is not to put all your eggs in one basket but to create a portfolio of endeavors that collectively contribute to your overarching mission.

7. Stay Consistent in Innovation

Google’s transformation into Alphabet reflects an understanding that innovation and experimentation must be consistent. Don’t rest on past successes; keep pushing boundaries. Steve Jobs didn’t stop learning and exploring even after founding Apple. Keep your mind open to random courses, unusual experiences, and diverse knowledge—these may be the puzzle pieces that ultimately complete your moonshot vision.

How To Bend Reality With Moonshot Goals | Biohacking Peak Performance | Longevity | Brain Health | Grit | THE SMRT LIST

Examples of Moonshot Goals

Smart Goal #1: Lose 8 pounds in the next two months by following a calorie-controlled diet and engaging in regular exercise.

Moonshot Goal #1: Revolutionize personal well-being by not just losing 8 pounds in the next two months but by creating a health and fitness blog that documents the journey, sharing insights, struggles, and triumphs to inspire a global community to embrace a holistic approach to health.

Smart Goal #2: Complete a 10k run in under 50 minutes within the next three months through regular training and improved fitness.

Moonshot Goal #2: Conquer personal limits by finishing a marathon in the next three months, setting a new personal record, and inspiring others to push their physical boundaries by starting an Instagram account to share my wins and failures.

Smart Goal #3: Save $5000 in the next six months by strictly adhering to a budget and cutting unnecessary expenses.

Moonshot Goal #3: Ignite financial independence by developing a side hustle that generates an additional $10,000 in the next six months, challenging traditional notions of income generation.

Smart Goal #4: Increase social media engagement by 15% in the next two months by posting consistently and analyzing audience preferences.

Moonshot Goal #4: Redefine online presence by creating viral content that not only boosts social media engagement by 50% in the next two months but also initiates a cultural conversation about the power of digital storytelling.

Smart Goal #5: Read five professional development books in the next three months to broaden industry knowledge.

Moonshot Goal #5: Transform into an industry visionary by not only meeting but exceeding the goal of reading five professional development books in the next three months. Then, leverage this knowledge to lead a TED Talk or industry webinar that revolutionizes how professionals approach continuous learning.

Smart Goal #6: Attend two industry conferences within the next six months to expand professional networks.

Moonshot Goal #5: Become a key player in industry transformation by not only attending two conferences but also by organizing a global summit that brings together thought leaders and innovators, shaping the future of the entire sector.

TL;DR: How To Bend Reality With Moonshot Goals

  • Moonshot Goals are audacious dreams that break free from conventional reality.
  • Embrace fear and excitement; if goals don’t scare, they’re not moonshot enough.
  • Cultivate intuition, trusting the inner voice for better decision-making.
  • Take daily baby steps toward the vision; progress accumulates.
  • Learn and adjust from failure; it’s a stepping stone, not a stumbling block.
  • Active meditation for creative thinking and problem-solving.
  • Break free from SMART constraints; embrace uncertainty.
  • Create a diverse portfolio of goals for a balanced approach.
  • Stay consistent in innovation for long-term success.

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