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Hi, I'm Kate.


🎭 creative strategy. writing. copywriting. ecommerce. branding. web development. user experience. design. SEO. growth marketing. content strategy. project management.

🌱 executive career coaching. life coaching. accountability coach. mindset transformations. holistic nutrition. sports & weight loss nutrition. NLP certified.

hobbies & interests

📚 writing. learning. neuroscience. science. functional medicine. holistic healing. podcasts. growth hacking. biohacking. reading. entrepreneurship. meditation. psychology. behaviour change. road cycling. climbing mountains. cooking for health. fine dining. traveling.


☑ my mind

☑ my body

☑ time freedom

☑ relationships

☑ experiences

a condensed timeline

  • had my first out of body experience at age 6
  • taught myself how to design + code at age 9
  • always had a side hustle ( my creative agency)
  • began a career in videogames at 18
  • became obsessed with fitness at 20 (never fallen off the wagon since)
  • first solo Europe trip at 27 on a paid 7wk sabbatical
  • came home and broke up with ex of 11 years
  • resigned the 9-5
  • put my condo on Airbnb and traveled at 28
  • traveled the world for a few years
  • built + launched + exited a few ecommerce stores & brands
  • body shut down summer of 2020 due to chronic stress, head-on car accident, ending a toxic relationship, and starting 2 businesses at the same time.
  • became a life coach + holistic nutritionist at 33 because our conventional medicine system is broken and i decided i was going to heal myself
  • summer of 2022: healing is progressing excellently
  • hired a coach to hold me accountable and take me to the finish line.
  • ramping down agency life to transition into wellness but still obsessed with exciting world of tech