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3 Step Framework To Change Your Life in 3 Months

Biohacking Life: Never let yourself stay stuck for too long by preconditioning your mind to thrive during tough times.

Biohacking taught me how to precondition my mind for tough times so when sh!t hits the fan, you’re ready. Peak performers say, “we don’t get prepared, we stay prepared.” Life will always be hard— and we live it in alternating seasons of highs and lows. When you put in the hard work upfront, you’ll learn change your life quickly when it takes a dip.

To change, you need to have a roadmap that allows you to master changing your state and changing your environment— and this takes grit and courage. Most of us aren’t born with these traits but it’s a muscle that can be strengthened.

Our goal is to precondition your mind to “Play The Long Game”

So all decisions you make ensure your life stays on the trajectory of your desired outcome. This requires grit, aka, mental endurance.

*Only after you master these 3 things, will you have the constant resilience and courage to maintain a state change, step out of your comfort zone (your current environment), and muster the willpower and momentum to stay aligned with your goals

1. Change Your State

Inevitably, life may spiral out of control from time to time but there’s always one thing you have absolute control of: YOUR BODY. The better you master your biology, the easier life becomes because you’ll have the physical energy to endure all challenges with a strong mindset.

To create grit, strengthen the basics so your mind has a strong body it can depend on: sleep, movement, nutrition, sunlight, mindfulness, nature therapy, and a purpose-driven life.

You must do the hard work upfront. No shortcuts. Discipline is a muscle that needs to be flexed and when you have these important traits, life will be easier in the future.

Here’s how to start:

  1. First, identify what you don’t like about your life. Write it all down.
  2. Pick the top 3 to focus on.
  3. Write one habit you can work on every day that will change the trajectory.
  4. Execute daily. Don’t beat yourself up when you miss a day but tell yourself you will get back on it.

*If unmotivated, visualize what your life will be like if you stay on your current trajectory— be graphic and detailed. Visualizing is a powerful tool because your brain doesn’t know what’s real or not.


  • Tired of your job? Identify what’s bothering you, or you’ll remain stuck. Start building skills daily, or you risk staying in the same rut. Spend 30 minutes daily on a new skill related to your dream career— online courses, coaching, building your personal brand for personal development. If you don’t start now, you might find yourself in the same position a year from now.
  • Struggling with weight? Pinpoint the cause, or you’ll continue to gain. Try daily mindful eating and put all devices away. Observe your body and feelings as you chew your food slowly. It’ll help you regain control over your eating habits. If you don’t take action now, you’ll end up in a depressive spiral because our gut microbiome dictates our mood and productivity.
  • Stressed out? Identify your stressors because almost all diseases result from chronic inflammation. Meditate daily, even for 5 minutes, to build inner peace and resilience to handle life’s challenges.
  • Tech overwhelm? Dedicate a “Digital Detox Hour” each day. Our brains are not meant to be wired all disconnect, read, walk, or enjoy a hobby, or technology will continue to dominate your life. Regain control over your screen time and reduce stress, or you’ll remain overwhelmed.
  • Sleep issues? Create an evening wind-down routine. Sleep at the same time every night and spend 30 minutes before bed relaxing and prepping for sleep. Avoid screens, read, meditate, and make your sleep environment comfy. Consistency leads to better sleep and more energy.

Mantra: “When I’m in control of my health, I am in control of my life.”

2. Change Your Environment

The ultimate goal in this step is to “CREATE A NEW NORMAL” meaning you’ve gotta take the leap out of your current “normal” aka your comfort zone.

Changing your environment will:

  • break routine
  • boost motivation
  • provide a brain reset
  • enhance self-identity
  • gain new perspectives
  • connect with new people
  • create a growth-oriented space
  • reduce triggers from past difficulties
  • increase your chance of miracles (or opportunities)
  • access valuable resources by putting yourself out there

By breaking patterns, you shift away from routine behaviors, making you more conscious of your choices and leading to more deliberate, goal-aligned decisions— ultimately facilitating personal growth and transformation.

How To Change Your Environment:

  • Sleep on the other side of the bed.
  • Move to a new country for a few months.
  • Work at a different coffee shop every week.
  • Talk to a stranger every day. Nothing wrong with small talk, and a helpful skill to master.
  • Take another route to work. Maybe you’ll encounter something interesting or have a profound insight because you’re observing different scenery.
  • Have conversations with people who have completely opposing perspectives than you. Force yourself to listen, be interested, and be present. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn.

You’ll be surprised at how minor shifts can impact your trajectory.

Mantra: Change your behaviour to change your trajectory.

3. Build a community.

Humans are wired to connect with others. To thrive, we need a community to lean on. While individual determination is important, here’s the plain truth: seeking guidance and support from a strong community is the secret sauce to making your wellness journey smooth and powerful. This is especially crucial when you’re trying to change long-standing habits or make big life shifts.

The Only Shortcut To Peak Performance

A couple of years ago, I identified my scarcity mindset as a barrier, holding me back from my true potential. How did I break free from its clutches? I invested in online courses and coaching. It was a hefty price tag with no immediate material payoff – far from my usual comfort zone. Yet, in the end, it constructed a revolutionary change in my life.

I didn’t just invest money; I invested in having someone to hold me accountable, provide guidance, and boost my motivation. This took me far from my old ways and closer to my desired path. I learned new strategies, discovered things I wouldn’t have on my own, and had the opportunity to face my insecurities and work on them.

The Role of a Coach

Hiring a coach can be a game-changer in building and leveraging your community for personal growth. A coach brings expertise, experience, and a structured approach to your journey. They can help you set clear goals, navigate obstacles, and keep you on track. With a coach, you benefit from personalized guidance and accountability, accelerating your progress toward the desired life trajectory.

Your coach and your community will keep you motivated and focused.

Mantra: No one is meant to do it alone.

TL;DR: A 3-Step Framework To Change Your Life in 3 Months

Change Your State:

  • Identify what you dislike about your life.
  • Pick three areas to focus on.
  • Create a daily habit to change the trajectory.
  • Execute daily and visualize your future to stay motivated.
  • Strengthen your body + mind for resilience to help you stay disciplined.

Change Your Environment:

  • Minor shifts can significantly impact your trajectory.
  • Break routines, boost motivation, and gain new perspectives.
  • Alter your daily habits, try new routes, and engage with diverse perspectives.

Build a Community:

  • Remember, no one is meant to do it alone.
  • Invest in a coach for accountability and guidance.
  • A coach accelerates progress and keeps you focused.
  • Seek guidance and support from like-minded people for an enhanced transformation journey.

Your Next Step: Ready To Level Up?

Now, many people are unable to see past their limiting beliefs because they don’t have control of their biology. Take back control of your physiology to create confidence and higher emotions, leading to better habits, decisions and outcomes.

See the link there? It all goes back to YOU: mind + body + spirit. We can show you how:

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