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Kate | ko0ty | 24 CARAT INC | twentyfourcarat.net

Does your life look good on paper (or social) but you need some work behind the scenes?

So many high-functioning entrepreneurs and creators prioritize wealth but forget about health.

As a serial entrepreneur and athlete, I designed a life I love for myself by not taking conventional career and life advice (of course, it’s still a work in progress).

Instead, I forged my own path by asking questions and not conforming because I always knew there are way more to life than we we see.

I strive to stay consistent and disciplined in all pillars of my life. I literally run towards challenges that scare me.

Life will never get easier but you can get better.

Time is the most precious currency. We are going to do it right and live smart because we only have one life to live.

I’m that girl who turns her nose up at a guy who pulls up in a Maserati (what’s that?) but doesn’t have a consistent fitness routine. 🫠 What’s the point?

It doesn’t matter where you are in life— married with kids, single, happily living with your cats… we can all benefit from being well-rounded.

In the newsletter, we chat about balance, inner-peace, discipline, consistency, showing up, hard work, no short-cuts, productivity, cultivating good habits, mindsets, abundance, wellness, spirituality, relationships, and creating time freedom.

Stay curious. Plant seeds. 🌱

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The Wealthy Minds Manifesto

work smrt & play smrt

Hard is overrated. Time is money so let’s do life right.

Obsession is Required

A mediocre attitude gets you mediocre results.

level up your mind

Cultivate an abundant mindset so opportunities fall into your lap.

facilitate growth

We run towards (not away) from mountains.

Ban Comfort Zones

Comfort zones are where all good things go to die.

Built Grit + Resilience

Create a mindset of iron and impenetrable inner peace.

Stay Prepared

Tools and insights to get sh!t done with radical productivity, focus, and balance.

know your priorities

Obsess over the journey, not the destination.

work SMRT
play SMRT

hi, im kate.

I am a contrarian thinker and loved to be intellectually stimulated.

I am a serial entrepreneur, creative strategist, writer, and an athlete.

I run a full-service digital consulting agency.

I’m also a certified  life coach + holistic nutritionist because I’m passionate about wellness. I prioritize my mind+body so they could perform at the highest levels.

Kate @ @24CARATINC

design a life you love